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The menhir

La Pierre qui Tourne

at the village of Baileux, Belgium



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The menhir La Pierre qui Tourne in Belgium

visited by the Ley Line Group


The Ley Line Group visited the menhir La Pierre qui Tourne in Belgium.

We needed a lot of effort to find this wonderful stone,

standing along the silent and small road between the acres.

The weather was beautiful and the energy optimal.

We parked the car next to a fresh and clean bunch of cows.

When we walked towards the menhir we felt the enormous influence

and energy of the stone body.

This menhir is near the village of Baileux, west of the city Couvin.

(There is also a Pierre qui tourne menhir near the village of Sautin in Belgium).


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The little road leading towards the menhir.

This road is only used by local farmers and pelgrims towards Santiago de Compostello.


The energies of the stone were 100 percent powerful until 15 metres all around.

But the influence was noticeable from 200 metres.

The stone watches South, towards the midday sun.

We now know that the stone is in contact with the twin stone

in the village of Morancez, France at 8 kilometers south of Chartres.


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The Ley Line Group was measuring the influence of the stone (Pierre).

It was noticeable that the group came into

the influence of the stone, because the measurements and

the precise commentaries were ebbing away while we were there.

Critical commentaries vanished and everybody was listening.

The feeling of the presence and personality of the stone became very strong.


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The stone is influencing the Ley Lines which it is standing upon.

The menhir is placed upon a precise cross roads of Ley Lines.

The menhir is turning the crossroads of Ley Lines

over by 90 degrees from East to South.

Some people of the group are thinking that this gave the menhir the

name "La pierre qui tourne", the stone that is turning.

In this case the turning of the Ley Lines.

Robert had the feeling that the meaning of the name is,

that the menhir is calling people to live and come back into live.

The effects this turning of the energies has on energy of the Ley Lines themselves

was not clearly measurable,

because of the enormous influence of the stone.


The stone La Pierre qui Tourne is calling its twin stone in France!

It took Robert half a year of reseach to find the twin stone.

The twin stone is 8 kilometre south of Chartres in the little village

of Morancez in the Rue des Druides.

The standing stone in Morancez is a protected monument of France

and is standing on a privately owned piece of land.

The two stones are calling each other.


Chartres has been the most important place of initiating

Druid priests and is an ancient holy place.

Below the cathedral of Chartres is the cave where

the initiation of the Druids took place and

áwhere the Black Madonna was venerated.


The Black Madonna can be seen as Saint Anna the Mother of Mary,

which brings us back to the Goddess Anne or Jana.

The black Saint Anna can be seen in the sculptures

áinside the cathedral of Chartres.


See also our page on Anloo, the holy place of Anne

From the works of Marijah Gimbutas we know that since at least 30.000BC

the name of the Bird Goddess was written with an A.



Henry is a specialist in measuring ages and he pointed out that

the menhir was at least 5200 years standing upon this place.


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The Pierre qui Tourne is facing South.

It is also aiming all the Ley Line energy in the south direction.

We were not able to pick up a feeling or signal

of the original surroundings of the stone.

We know now what the stone is watching!

The stone is worried about the twin stone in Morancez, France.

The twin stone is surrounded by fences and garages and newly built little houses

in the Rue des Druides.


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The spirit in the stone is very lonely and feels neglected.

For thousands of years it got offerings of fruit and milk.

Now since a thousand years the offerings have stopped.

Only incidentally there are visitors caming along the path.


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What was the landscape thousands of years ago?

How long has the stone been communicating with its twin stone

and for what purpose?


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The measuring by the Ley Line Group gave less precise results

because of the strong influence of the menhir,

because the stone is turning all Earth energies into the South direction.

This direction could be parallel to the direction of the cathedral of Chartres.

This has to be measured more precise.


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Some of the members of the Ley Line Group listened

to the voice of the stone spirit.


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Robert was very impressed by this stone.

For this reason the menhir was appointed to be

Spirit Place 50.


The menhir Pierre qui Tourne

in Morancez, France

8 kilometers south of the city of Chartres.

This stone is in close contact with

the menhir in Bayleux, Belgium.



Also see the special page on the twin stone

La pierre qui tourne

also called

the Pierre qui Vivre

in the village of Morancez, France






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