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La Pierre qui Tourne

also called

La Pierre qui Vivre

at the village of Morancez, France

8 kilometers South of Chartres.


When we visited La Pierre qui Tourne

near the village of Baileux in Belgium,

with the complete Ley Line Group

we knew that the menhir had contact with a twin stone.

It took a half year of research to find the place of the twin stone.

When we visited Chartres last year,

we knew we were near, but we could not find the correct place.

Now we are sure and visited the stone in the village of Morancez, France!


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The stone is in a bad situation.

The area is filled with fences, garages and little family houses.

The stone was part of a dolmen and the other stones

are lying all around.

The stone itself is very much alive!


The menhir La Pierre qui Tourne sending out very strong energies.

The Ley Lines around this stone are turned in the direction

of the twin stone in Belgium.

The archeologists in France also give the name:

La Pierre qui Vivre.


The other stones of the dolmen are all lying around.

The situation is very shocking.


All around are cars and fences.

This was once a dolmen, Temple of the Megalithics.

6000 years of history in chaos.

This dolmen is older then the piramids...


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This stone has the same powerful friendliness as the twin stone.

Robert has the very strong feeling that this dolmen

was part of a revival ceremony,

which brought rebirth and eternal life.


The stone is also visibly oriented North.

One little herb grows through the concrete at the foor of the menhir.

What will happen when the energy flow is interrupted?

Why have the ancient people of 6000 years ago

placed this menhir and brought in contact

with a menhir 500 km up North?


There is resemblance between this menhir in Morancez

and the menhir in Bayleux, Belgium.

In appearance and in feeling.

The warm friendly energy.


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The friendly and powerful stone in Belgium.



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around the "hunebed" in Anloo.

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