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The Ley Line Group visited the megalithic monuments

D7, D8 and D9 in Drenthe, Netherlands



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The Ley Line Group visited the megalithic monuments D7, D8 en D9

South of Anloo in Drenthe Netherlands.


The Ley Line Group has visited three megalithic monuments near Anloo in Drenthe.

The megalithic monuments D7, D8 and D9 are located upon one straight line,

áwhich was the main reason to choose those monuments for our research.


Monument D7


Monument D7 makes a very closed impression, when we are standing around the hunebed.

áIt seems to everybody that this monument is somehow the input place for energies and signals.

Robert is making pictures with and without the Oldfield energy filter.

áSuddenly the inside of the monument starts to emanate a deep blue light.

áMind you: it is a dark and dreary day without sunshine

. A cold wind coming from the North West. Drizzling rain.

áThe digital pictures show clearly energies in the dark inside of the monument,

ájust below the horizontal roof stones.

There can't be a so-called blue shift, because only part of the picture has a blue light.


This megalthic monument D7 has a very strong energy, with energy lines

going in several directions.

This monument is almost untouched and in good shape.

Here seen from the West.


The impression of the ley line group is,

that this monument D7 is partly below the surface of the earth.

There is still an entrance visible and the holy circle of stones around the monument

is partly even there!


The megalithic monument D7 seen from the East.



The monument D7 is of a energetic content.

We are investigating and measuring on a dark and rainy day in heavy woods.

Near this monument we did not feel coldness.

Agaqin this monument was untouched for a long time.

Two ladies of the group are leaning against the ancient stones

to have contact with the energies of the stones.


Using the Oldfield filter to see hidden energies we see energies of the surroundings,

but also of the stones itself.

This is monument D7 on a dark day in the rain, in a dark forest.

In the rain energies are more visible then in the sunshine.



In the mean time the ladies had walked ahead and changed the energy at the D8 monument.

áThe energy at the D7 monument is a like relay station.

áThe energy is given through.

áWhile D7 makes the impression of an end of the line energy pump,

áthe D8 monument is a switch relaying the energies to other places.


The energizing of the monument D7 started here,

at the holy circle stones of D7.

Below the hands there is clearly an energy emerging from the circle stone.

The energy stays and is clearly visible.



While the group goes on towards D8 following the leyline,

a few members stay behing with the monument for meditating

and for asking forgivenis for the disturbance of the peace of thousands of years.

Prof Marijah Gimbutas dates the monuments on 3200BC.

The Group walks along the straight ley line from D7 to D8.

áRobert was staying behind to measure the energies and

áthe contact with the emanations of spirits.

Also making digital pictures with the Oldfield filter

to see the earth energies.



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The position of the three monuments is a few kilometers South of Anloo.

The forests around two of the three monuments

have been closed for the public for many years and

that is why the Ley Line Group is able to research an almost undisturbed situation.


On the leyline from D7 towards D8 are gravehills grouped along this ancient line.


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The group arrives at D8.

An open energy, very female.

The group askes to have contact and approach.


The energy of D8 is very female and refreshing.

The chamber is inviting and the entrace is very visible.


The chamber of D8 is very large, larger then the outside seems to be.


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Irmala and Iris have visited a German megalithic archeological place.

áThey concluded that a hunebed or Long Grave or Stone Chamber is

surrounded by several Goddess symbols, so called Queen Points or Goddess Stones.

áIn Germanyá a Goddess stone has been unearthed with an image of moon and stars upon the stone.

áIt has already been for years the experience of the Ley Line Group

that those Goddess Stones are also to be found around the Hunebedden

megalithic monuments in the Netherlands.

This is what we will research on this excursion.

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Monument D8 and the switching on the energy.


The chamber of D8 looks inviting and of an open enrgy.

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The ladies came upon the genial idea to stand

on the four Queen Points around the hunebed.

First the Queen points are to be found with the aid of the pendulum, the Lecher antenna and intuition.

áThen the ladies were standing on the four Queen points facing the same way.

áThen they turn simultaneously a quarter turn of 90 degrees each of them

standing on one of the Queen Goddess points around D8.

áThis switched on the energy inside the megalithic monuments!


This is a rainy day in the dark forests.

No direct sunlight but shadow and dark clouds.

Then in D8 there is a blue light, here to be seen with the Oldfield filter.


Energizing the Queen points of D8.


Blue light shines in the relative darkness of the dreary day.

D8 is coming back to life!


The chamber of D8 coloring blue.


There is no discoloring on the other pictures of almost the same moment.

Here is D8 not energized. The group feels very satisfied.


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There is also a sound inside D8.

Monument D8 is vibrating with energy both of a sound and of light.

áThe sound is a deep low bass.

áThis sound makes the impression as if this sound has started still has to be tuned somehow.

áA basic tone of the instrument.

áThe light is vibrating and blue.

áMonument D8 is on an open space in the forest and

áthe day is dark, dreary, clouded without sunshine.

The energies are very visible.

The sound is deep and almost below conscious level.


To gives thanks to the fearies and forces of nature the group

has a meditation around a group of very energetic and speaking

tree, like we also did in Heeze and other places.


Meditating near D8 but more to the South and outside the forest to give thanks

to fearies and forces of nature.



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Monument D9 is half destroyed.


Very happy with this result the Group goes on to monument D9 in the village of Annen.

áThe megalithic monument D9 is half destroyed and

áis situated along a street in between some private houses.

áThe Ley Line is going straight from D7 and D8 to this D9,

ábut the monument D9 is to damaged to give any measurable result.

We are able to establish the presence of Goddess Points

next to the remnants of monument D9.

Perhaps further research will be possible.

There should be a foundation be established to protect the megalithic monuments.


With concrete fillings the places have been indicated

where the stones of D9 should have been standing.

Still there are energies measurable.

We have to come back to this place unbiassed and open minded.


This remnant of D9 made the group very sad

after the interesting results of D7 and D9.



There is no respect for megalithic monuments in the Netherlands.


Like we wrote in other pages on the megalithic monuments

áin the Netherlands have no respect of the government and of the public.

áThe 53 monuments still in existence are all disturbed.

áAnother 25 megalithic monuments have been destroyed.

áMegalithic monuments are surrounded by suburbs without any space around the monuments.

áKids are climbing upon the monuments as if the monuments are part of a kindergarten.

áTeenagers are burning fires inside the monuments so that the stones explode,

ásuch as happened recently in Emmen.

The same for the undisturbed situation of these monuments

we are visiting today:shortly after our research all the forests

surrounding the monuments D7 and D8 have been cut away.


There should come into existence a

Foundation for the Protection of Megalithic Places.



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A nice pizza to end the day.


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