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links to Pacific history

links to PDF books about magick

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links to free downloadable books

Robert and Susan like to share some links

to webpages and ideas of special interest.

External links checked July 20, 2011


Robert likes the free software of Bysoft.

Robert is using Free RAM,

to free automatically the memory of the PC.

Worked well on PC's with

98SE, ME, XP and Vista. No guarantee :-)



John Finley's Learn English newsletter

We love the free newsletter by John Finley.

"Learn English"

John's lessons are entertaining and always interesting.

Nice civilized jokes also.

To subscribe:

The archive of all his newsletters is:


One of the very best groups

on native american music is

the Voice of Golden Eagle

The Voice of Golden Eagle is perhaps

the best native Indian sound we know.



Live Internet Webcasts for World Peace


Against the illegal imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay


Very interesting magazine:

Many full articles in English.

Trying to overcome the mind set.


Harald Tietze has a very special website:

Also read the Food for All initiative

Harald Tietze explains the Dalai Lama

his Food for All initiative.


Susan and Robert have the strong opinion that

raw food is a very important way of living.


Next to the commercial things there is also

a lot of information on that (English) website.


In Los Angeles there is an interesting initiative:

These people made a map of all fruit trees

along the public roads in some areas

of Los Angeles.

This is a remarkable initiative,

which Robert and Susan are recommending

for all urban areas!




Robert and Susan call upon everybody to fight

present day slavery


Stop the slaughter of seal and their babies in Canada.


Help Greenpeace to save the rainforests

and the deep oceans with their inhabitants:


Help to save the rainforests.



The most interesting website on every subject

of new age.

Thanks to Ellie Crystal:



Some remarkable free PDF books on Ancient Egypt:


Etana has to be opened by a webbrowser,

or it will react with forbidden (403).

Etana is a quality website, so be patient!

Sometimes there are unexpected error codes,

but it is an important website.


Daniel Rikowski made one of the best

Bible study programs!

It is for free, with Bible modules in many languages,

also ancient Greek.

This program uses Zefania XML format.

It seems that downloading Bible content has been difficult recently.


Althought this website is in the German domain,

much of it is in English:

This website is redirected to another address with the same content.


DECT telephones, UMTS antennas.


(Dutch, some English, some German)



Irfan Skiljan has made one of the best graphical

software programs.

Freeware for personal use.

Remember there is the program and there are

the plugins to download.


In Robert's opinion one of the very best

virus scanners is free for personal use:

AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic



Also very important:

(English, Tibetan, Chinese)

Winner of the Geuzenpenning 2005.


The Ley Line website:

(Dutch and English with many links)


Pilgrimage to Kevelaer:



The most recommendable free books project there is:

(Thousands of free books in English,

more and more in Spanish, French, German, Dutch)


Do you know links that will be interesting to us all?

You may e-mail:


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