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Thousands of e-books have been downloaded directly from Home2b.nl

On September 9, 2014 the number of downloaded e-books

from Home2b.nl is 16,250 e-books.


We are promoting the free e-book through the internet.

Ofcourse we want to respect the copyrights of all e-books.

This is why we are linking to free e-books

and sometimes we are recommending payed e-books as well.


If some copyright is involved,

that we don't know about,

please e-mail us and we will take off the disputed item immediately

from Home2b.nl.


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Home2b.nl has gone over to EPUB for free e-books.


Home2b.nl is going over to the open source EPUB format for e-books.

There are excellent free e-pub readers and e-pub makers on the internet.

See here below for the EPUB readers we like.

We also like the PDF format very much,

but it is not a free format.



The basic idea of Vedanta,

the One undivided universe,

is a very important way of

 experiencing the universe.


Free downloadable PDF book:

Vedanta for Beginners (218Kb)


by Shri Swami Sivananda

To understand Vedanta and

the Ashtavakra Samhita

this document is a nice introduction.


Other books by

Shri Swami Sivananda


Bhagavad Gita


Spotlights on the Ramayana


Hindu fasts and festivals


Temples in India


Kingly science, kingly secret

Special commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita

148 pages


The important book:

God as Mother

61 pages

by Shri Swami Chidananda

(an elder colleague of Sivananda)


Lord Krisna

his Lilas and Teachings

142 pages


Lectures on Raja Yoga

by Shri Swami Chidananda

69 pages



The apostle of peace and love

His life story.

103 pages


Gita Vision

a small commentary of 20 pages on the first chapters of the bagavad Gita

by Chidananda


These books in PDF format are:


©Copyright the Divine Life Trust Society


We are thankful for the permission to have these interesting books

for download on Home2b.nl.

The Divine Life Trust Society

is also selling these books

as "real" paper books

in their web shop.








427-347 BC


Home2b.nl will also make the books of Plato

downloadable in EPUB format.

The thinking of Plato is studied a lot and misunderstood even more.


Plato learned his wisdom in Ancient Egypt

and tried to explain the Egyptian lessons

to the people of his time,

living in the primitive farmer life of the of the stone and bronze age.



book stack

All in EPUB format:



















More will be added soon.



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Link Pages:



Home2b.nl is supporting the free download of e-books from the Internet

(ofcourse only in a legal way)



links to free downloadable books



links to free PDF books about magick


links to subjects on the Pacific


links to free MP3-s from the music of 78RPM records



Project Gutenberg is developing into the MOST IMPORTANT library

of free e-books on the internet.

Please visit the free Gutenberg project!! Please make a donation unto this project

if possible!


Gutenberg Project




The most recommendable free e-book project:


(more then 45,000 free books in English,

Dutch and many other languages).


Also an interesting website for downloading free e-books is:




The books of Mr. E.A. Wallis Budge

are of enormous importance.

Wallis Budge was a great expert on Ancient Egypt

before the worldwide remake of Ancient History started.

He still is telling what he found and studied without being influenced by "modern" scholars.

book stack

Home2b.nl will try to have many of his books available in the Library.

Here is a version of

the Egyptian Book of the Dead

epub format

("Coming out by day")

English version (1.5Mb)


Egyptian ideas of the future life


with images!

This same book without images:

Ideas about future life


Egyptian legends of the Gods


book stack






The Ashtavakra Samhita is

a very important scripture in Sanskrit.

It is the essential scripture on Vedanta Advaita thinking


In PDF-format you may download:


Ashtavakra Gita in Sanskrit (115Kb)

Ashtavakra Gita in English (92Kb)

Ashtavakra Gita transcript and English (134Kb)

all in PDF format



These documents will make it possible

to study the Ashtavakra Samhita thoroughly.


Robert verified the copywright carefully,

but if any copyright is involved,

e-mail us and we take the PDF off immediately.

English translation by John Richards (2nd. version)

Public Domain





Dutch e-books from Home2b.nl:


We think the Edda is very important

for understanding European mythology.

This is the Dutch version:

De Edda in Dutch

epub format

Also the English version is here on Home2b.nl:

volume 1 of the Edda in English

and also

volume 2 of the Edda in English

both in epub-format



A very important book in Dutch literature

is the book by Multatuli about the Dutch in Indonesia.

Although the book is almost 200 years old,

it is still very populair.

Mutatuli Max Havelaar

epub format

This fine e-book is maybe the greatest book in Dutch literature.


Learning Dutch is rewarding specially for this e-book:

Camera Obscura in Dutch

epub format


by Hildebrand (Nicolaas Beets)

Our advice: start reading for example with the story about Familie Kegge.






bks on shelf

Susan and Robert love the book of Dorothy:

the Wizard of Oz by mr Baum



Here is also the next volum:

the Emerald city of Oz by mr Baum





E-books about the Boer in South Africa (Zuid Afrika)


The presence of the Dutch speaking people (the Boer)

is again actual!

After being overruled by the imperialism of the British,

and after a desparate attempt to stay in power

with the system of Apartheid,

now it seems the whole community is turning against the Boer people.

Here are books that have become actual again:

book stack


Written by the great hero

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet

Three years War



General Ben Viljoen wrote

The Anglo Boer war

epub format with images

Also by General Ben Viljoen:

My reminiscences of the anglo-Boer war



Philip Pienaar

With Steyn and De Wet

Pienaar is a famous Boer family




Ten months in the field with the Boers



The important book

Boer in peace and war

epub format with images



The book of J.D. Kestell

secretary of president Kruger

Through Shot and Flame



Hopkins and Halstead

South Africa and the Boer British war

giving a lot of attention to the

Canadian army in the field

against the Boer army.



The book by Van Delden

Peace negotiations

after the Anglo Boer war

epub format with images



An interesting childrens book

by Luna May Innes

Our little Boer cousin



And in Afrikaans:

Dorpsleven in Transvaal

written by Uitlander

with lovely images



Also in Afrikaans:


by the known writer


epub format with images




E-book readers in EPUB:


We like the simplicity

of Epubfilereader.



As an add-in to Firefox is the epubreader available:


This makes the browser Firefox into an epub-reader.

Very easy to use!!!




On Wikipedia is some information about epub:




Free software to convert PDF and TXT and HTML

and much more formats into EPUB (and other formats)

with a nice EPUB reader and much more(!) is



logo calibre



We also bought software to experiment with:




We have no commercial interests

 and we are using all the software ourselves.






You may e-mail:




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