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Ootmarsum has something spiritual.

The little city is very near the Tankenberg.

See the special page on the Tankenberg


Before starting the good work

we had a nice lunchbreak at Dintelwerk

Denekamperstraat 49, Beuningen.

Although the Dintelwerk is recently built,

the whole setup feels very spiritual.


We had drinks and krentewegge,

the local special bread with reasins.


Then on to Ootmarsum.

The expectation was that we would really find

something special in Ootmarsum!

And we did!!

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We are ready to enter the little city of Ootmarsum.



The first impressions are being felt.

It feels as if there is something with Time.



Ootmarsum is lovely.

Narrow streets with ancient houses.



These narrow streets are part of the old city wall.

This felt as if we were entering a circle.

A circle of Time.



The church is situated in the center of the city.

Here we were entering in second circle of Time,

but the church was not the center of the second circle.



When we studied the streetplan,

it became clear that the streets also had a circle of cobblestones

in the pavement encompassing the whole inner city.




Studying the ancient church it was

directly noticed, that the front part of the church

had the familiar architecture

of the Early Middle Aged fortress church,

like we also found in Nederhorst and Anloo.

This part of the church is built in 690AD,

so it is indeed of the same years as Anloo, Vries, Nederhorst.


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Like it is with the other churches of this model,

there has been a tower in front where now the double doors are.

The wooden tower on top only replaces the original tower.

This was really a church to take over the properties of the old religion.

The believers of the old religion in person became property of the new

Christian religion and had to pay the new owners

a large part of their harvest.

The people payed this obliged tribute

from 690AD until about 1430AD.

So during 740 years!!


The two saint statues of Simon and Judas

áon the front of the church are from a later date,

because the tower was standing there originally.


The inside of the Liudger front part of the building.

The square pillars and the narrow bows upon them

could be original from the 690AD period,

may be slightly later.

The roof part is of a much later date.

This front building is more elaborate then the other

Liudger buildings of around 690AD

because this church had to be the top church in the hierarchy.

The seat of the master bishop of all Liudger churches.


Compare with the situation in Anloo.


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Everywhere in the inner city of Ootmarsum

are clocks, sundials, time symbols.

We counted 18 sundials between the outer circle and the inner circle.

Time feeling is very strong among the people of Ootmarsum.


Sundial on the church Southside.


Meridian indication on the square

A meridian is the time indication of the Sunclock.


Meridian line and sundial on the house.


Clocks upon the churchtower.


There is even a whole house dedicated

to the measuring of time in many ways!


Pavement of the outer circle.

We followed this pavement and it is indeed an outer circle.


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Two circles are to be found like two clocks.

Or like the two hands of a clock.

Outer circle going slow, through centuries or years.

Inner circle going much faster.

A lemniscaat is North of the church.

Children who entered the lemniscaat on the square,

became wild and utterly restless.

The old energy of the Earth is still there.


We interviewed the chairman of the committee for old habits.

He told us about the yearly procession of the eight Poaskerls.

This procession is performed by known inhabitants,

from generation to generation.

The way these Poaskerls are following is very ancient.

They follow the old circular road, even if a house has been

built on the ancient path. In that case they go through the house.

Eight is also the lemniscaat, symbool of eternity.

Every body follows the eight Poaskerls hand in hand

as a long ribbon of people.


The procession of the Poaskerls could have roots in the

ancient purpose of this area of the inner city.



The conclusion is that Ootmarsum could have been a Suntemple

or a Time keeping place.

In ancient times the city of Ootmarsum was built a little bit more to the North.

The area of inner city we know now was not filled with houses.

So there was place enough for a religious area.


The Liudger part of the church is built in such a way,

that the proces of time keeping was broken by the position

of the church building.


See also our visit to the Suntemple on the Heumenhill

This Suntemple on the Heumenhill was also a time keeping place,

based upon the yearly cycle of harvest and seasons.



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All pictures are ęcopyright 2011-2012 Robert and Susan



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