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The Sun Temple upon the Heimenberg


The Ley Line Group made an early start to have plenty of time

to research the Sun Temple upon the Heimenberg, which

means the Heimen Mountain.


The area around the Sun temple is filled with high level energies.

The official authorities are naming

this ancient structure a military fortress,

because of recent history.


Nevertheless archaeology is pointing towards 3 beautiful pieces of

German-Roman golden jewelry that has been found at this Sun temple.

The golden jewelry dates from around 300AD.

These pieces of golden jewelry perhaps are sacrificial gifts

or were used in the Sun rituals.

It is very sure that this monument was in use until at least 883AD.


Also a stone ritual dagger for sacrifices has been found

inside the temple area, dating from at least 2000BC.


It is clear that is Sun temple is a so-called "Henge"

of the same kind as Stone Henge in England.

(Henge: prehistoric monument enclosed by a bank or ditch made of standing stones

or wooden pillars constructed during the Neolithic or Bronze Age ).



High level energies outside the area are pointing towards the temple.


In the direction of the Sun temple the energies are almost touchable.

The sun temple is at the right.



The outer earthen wall is vibrating of light and tension.


An outer earthen wall is encircling the much higher inner wall.

Sadly enough this made the Sun temple a place of defence and war in recent times.

See also the webpage of the second visit to the Sun temple.


The Group was aware of an entrance area outside the Sun temple,

where apparently in ancient times some entrance ritual

was performed before entering.

Some shaman group left many remnants of their rituals behind on that spot,

which means they were also aware of this special area.



In the outer earthen wall the trees are reflecting the many emotions

to be found in this recently disturbed area.



Some members are aware of the view of this place high above

the river Rhine.



The walls are encircling an area high upon the Heimenberg,

exactly oriented West North East.

On the West ending of the wall centuries ago a magician

placed a little house and a magickal altar.

See our webpage about this magickal altar.



The view from inside the Sun temple over the river Rhine is impressive.



Exactly orientated upon the North is the middle of the surrounding wall.



After locating the exact area of the ancient altar place

some members of the Group are feeling into this altar place.

The disturbance of the place is immense,

so there was only a scarce feeling of ancient energies.

The 6.3 cm lines are telling the exact place with the Lecher antenna.

The altar place is where the stick is standing in the soil.



Upon the inner wall of the Sun temple is a narrow foot path,

very usable for light ceremonies.



The East staircase goes on both sides of the inner wall.

This is the staircase on the East inner side.



Upon the Extreme East point of the circular inner wall

a view point has been made to observe the river Rhine.

The Ley Line Group is enjoying the view.



The inner area where traces of ancient wooden houses have been found.

It is unclear where the archaeological results of the excavations are available.

The path leads towards a 2 metre high Ring hill

inside the West area of the Sun temple.


This Sun temple is unique in the whole of Europe

and deserves much more attention and research.

Who were the original builders?

How was it used during the ages?

When it is megalithic like Stonehenge, where are the stone artifacts?

Is there a Ring of star stones like in Stone Henge?

Are the stones still lying here in the soil?

Why is the temple this big?

Was it to have an enormous precision in the Sun measurements?

Does the inner wall has certain points relating to the observations of the Sun?



The ruin of the guardian house could be used as

a documentation centre for this Sun temple and its history.

See the ruins of the guardian house on our "Koningstafel" webpage.


High above the river Rhine the Sun temple

oversees the area and receives the light of the Sun unhindered.


For praying to the Sun to be heard by the Eternal Divinity

this Sun temple is an excellent place.



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