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Sun temple visited second time


The Sun temple at the Heumenberg (Rhenen) has been in use for thousands

of years, since at least 2000BC until at least 883AD.

Because of the high inner wall the place has been used as a fortress

in the last centuries.

Specially in the World War II the Dutch soldiers withstood here the German invaders

during five days of desperate fighting.



The first visit to the sun temple was meant for orientation and

making a first contact with this important place.

Susan and Robert visited the Sun Temple a second time soon after.

This very spiritual place has to be understood

by respectful attention and measuring and sensing.

See the webpage about the first visit.



The Sun temple is situated on top of the Heumenberg near Rhenen.


The Ring Hill is situated inside the temple wall,

in the West part.

The Open place is in the middle of the temple.

The East area is still to be researched.

The East staircase goes over the inner wall on both sides.

The north staircase does only go up te inner wall, not over it.

Over the inner wall (yellow) is a footpath, very usable for a light ceremony.

The outer wall (also yellow) is lower then the inner wall

áand totally covered with high ferns.

In green is the steep hill side going down

to the river Rhine for about 10 metres.



The hill of the Sun temple stands as a mountain on the border of the river Rhine.

On the highest hill is the Sun temple situated.

The surrounding earthen wall goes from West, up North, towards East.


All pictures on this webpage are taken on the cloudy and rainy day.

Nevertheless the energies and lighted places are visible,

not only with the camera, but also with the naked eye.

We were walking with umbrella and high boots.


The inner wall is standing high upon the hill

from 3 to 5 meters on the outside.

On this picture the inner wall is seen high above the outer wall.



The East staircase of the East entrance goes up

the outside of the inner wall for many metres.



At this open place on the inner North side (the North staircase is

visible next to the trees) Susan and Robert saw and sensed Light Beings,

who were more or less occupied in some silent activity.

The air is clouded and it is raining.

Still there are lighted places.

Not only with the camera, but also with the naked eye.


Watching from the area of the Ring Hill (West) we saw clearly

Light Beings on the open field in the middle Temple.



In the open area of the mid temple,

we were measuring the wavelengths with the Lecher antenna.

See our webpage upon the Lecher antenna.


6.9 cm (healing energies) are all around and very strong!


Towards the Light beings on the open area:

12.0 cm cosmic energies.


Aimed at the open area with the altar place:

16.3 cm wavelength: Sun.


Aimed at the entrance of the Ring Hill from the inner open area strongly

the 17.7 cm lines of Higher Divinity.


At the altar place area the 6.3 cm lines (Altar Place)




Susan was sensing heavy energies and powers

in the open area of the middle temple and near the altar place.



On the altar place area the wild grass and weeds are growing circular.

Because of the dark weather this was not so clearly seen in the pictures,

but very noticeable while standing there.



The area of the Ring Hill seen from the open space in the middle temple,

rising out of the even temple floor up to 2 metres.

To the left we saw a guardian being standing in the same place all the time,

clearly guarding the entrance of the Ring hill.



At this place exactly the Guardian Being was very well visible

more or less at the entrance of the Ring hill area.


Susan is sensing the area of the circular bench, where very cold spirits

were attacking us, chilling us to the bone.

We were cold unto the next day, feeling this creepy energy experience.





Entrance of the Dutch War Cemetery behind the Sun temple.

Here 850 soldiers stayed behind, who at this place defended

the Netherlands with their lives in May 1940

and stopped the German invaders for five costly days.

See our Dutch anthem webpage.

The Dutch anthem is cited on the white stone:

Den Vaderlant ghetrouwe

Blijf ick tot inden doot.





Upon the outer wall of the Sun temple there is always a glow of light,

even on this cloudy and rainy day.

Near the ruin of the guardian house is a powerful ley line vortex.

Sensitive people are avoiding this part of the inner wall.


The inner wall rising above the growth of inner temple.

This is the North West side of the temple wall.

The whole complex is very much in decay.

Apparently the nature reserve managers are treating this ancient Sun temple

as a kind of "natural" jungle.

Notice the differences in light and energy, even on this cloudy picture.


All pictures Copyrightę2008 Robert Home2b.nl

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Updated June 19, 2008

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