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The amazing results of the Radionics experiments of Piet Tummers

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All living Beings in Resonance with the Universe




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Interesting experiments with Radionics and

with amazing Results:

resonances of the Stars with incoming Sun beams

resonances beyond imagination!


Two experiments done by Piet Tummers.


Piet Tummers is radionics expert, using the Quantec device.

Radionics is listening towards frequencies coming from other living beings

throught the ether waves that surrounds the Earth

and are filling empty space in the universe.


Some radionics experts are also transmitting waves through the Ether

to bring energies towards living beings anywhere.


Like wise the Lecher Antenna is listening in towards short wavelengths.

Likewise the Lecher antenna is also able to send these wavelenghts.

Same for the pendulum.



Piet Tummers was measuring resonances (I would say energy frequencies)

of 8 people in the Netherlands and Germany

for some time ending on the day of the eclipse on July 22, 2009.

During the eclipse the influence of the Stars would be more clear and measurable.


This is what Piet Tummers found:


Man in Resonance with Universe


The Stars are actually influencing you and me and all living beings.


In order to prove this in the past months ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation


did a series of extensive Bio-Resonance-Measurements

on 8 persons living in the Netherlands and Germany,

the so-called project “Your-QI-mid-2009”.


The measurements/recordings were carried out with

the bio-communication device “Quantec” (

The output from the Quantec device is called Quanta-Impression/Image (abbreviated QI).

During the project 3500 Stars distributed over the 88 Star-Constellations

have been checked on resonances with the 8 volunteers for about 185 million times in total.


On July 22, 2009 the longest eclipse of the 21th century occurred.

The project was focused on this rare occasion.





Man in Resonance with Universe

22 juli 2009


It’s funny to look in the sky with a telescope or wondering the beautiful pictures made with advanced telescopes. Even much more interesting is to know if “The Stars are actually influencing Man” as is claimed by astrologers since thousands of years.


In order to prove this now, in the past months ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation ( did an extra series of extensive Bio-Resonance-Measurements on 8 persons living in the Netherlands and Germany, project “Your-QI-mid-2009”.


The measurements/recordings were carried out with the bio-communication device “Quantec” (, the output from it is called here Quanta-Impression/Image (abbreviated QI).


During the project 3500 Stars (star-like formations) distributed over the 88 Star-Constellations has been checked on resonances with concerned people for about 185-million times in total.


On this special day in the international year of astronomy, July 22th 2009 with the longest eclipse event of the 21th century occurring over India and China, the most important results of said research project are published here in short terms.

The statistical probability (S), how many times strongest resonances with a star-constellation occurred is indicated here as a multiple of  “the expected win-chance at a corresponding random lottery-drawing”.


Period :  April 26. until May 18. - 2009

(S)  Star-Constellation(s)

3,58 Virgo

3,07 Taurus, Ursa-major

2,73 Centaurus

2,39 Cetus, Leo, Pegasus

2,22 Ophiuchus, Sagittarius

2,05 Pisces


Period :  May 24. until  June 21. - 2009

(S)  Star-Constellation(s)

3,54 Taurus

2,87 Sagittarius, Auriga

2,70 Ursa-major

2,53 Aquarius, Hydra

2,19 Hercules, Perseus

2,02 Eridanus, Gemini, Ophiuchus, Orion, Pegasus


Period :  June 2. until June 14. - 2009

(around full moon on June 7th. 2009 )

(S)  Star-Constellation(s)

4,23 Sagittarius

3,46 Ophiuchus

3,07 Hydra

2,69 Aquarius, Auriga, Taurus

2,31 Cancer, Orion


Considering these constellations it will be clear that they are mainly the background constellations around the sun and moon respectively.


From the Astro-physics point of view this background radiation is evident.


The sun-rays, directly from the sun or indirectly via the (full)moon were  “modulated/amplified/coupled” with mentioned constellations-background-radiation leading to the recorded resonances with concerned people.


As far as known this is the first time in history that MEASUREMENTS are showing that :

“ MAN is in RESONANCE with the UNIVERSE“.



Peter J. Tummers

ARIES - Ethernity - Foundation







Comment of Robert on this experiment of Piet Tummers:


What has been found out here in these experiments,

is that the stars are emitting radiation that influences us.


For example: star light.


Star Light Radiation is reaching us and influencing us through space!


The radiation from the stars is adding up into a combined energy wave.


Because the radiation from the Sun was much less during the eclipse of June 22, 2009

the radiation from the stars more clearly measurable.


Piet Tummers has made this resonance and adding up of energies upon a star beam visible.


In the second (or continued) experiment the reasonance of infinetely small resonances

has been measured and found to be shockingly small.

Piet Tummers found frequecies of 10 to the power of -50.

This is smaller then the Planck frequencies of 10 to the power of -43.


Of course such an experiment has to be repeated inder controlled circumstances.

Never the less are these results amazing and rather reliable!


An experiment is valid, when it is clearly repeatable,

when it is done with enough volume (185 million measurments),

and when it is documented well and completely.



Since this in the experiments of Piet tummers is done so,

Robert thinks that these experiments are valid and valuable.

The stars seem to be so far away,

but their energies are surrounding us more intense then we realised.


The experiments of my friend Piet have amazing results!




Man in Resonance with Universe :

Bio-Resonance Frequencies Stars


On July 22th 2009 Aries-Ethernity-Foundation published a part of the main results of the research project Your-QI-mid-2009, which showed that man is in resonance with the stars ( , News item 4).

Above project was continued as Your-QI-fall-2009 until December 31th 2009, showing again similar Star-Resonance Phenomena.

During the course of the whole project ( from April 26th to December 31th 2009), also resonances with electric, electromagnetic, and magnetic waves/vortices/phenomena of terrestrial as well as of cosmic origin were recorded. The bio-resonance measurements were carried out with 12 persons using the radionic device Quantec ( Spread over said period a lot of measuring-series of up to 3 hours each time were carried out. The overall frequency range investigated was starting at 10Exp(-8) Hz up to 10Exp1000 Hz, and this frequency-packet was scanned for resonances with involved persons for about 1.5 Billion times in total.


In short terms some main results :


·        Resonances appeared mainly over the range 10Exp(-8) to 10Exp50 Hz.

 [ For information/comparison ; 10Exp(-8) Hz means a “wave/phenomena” taking place over a period of up to about 3 years, heartbeat about 60/minute = 1 Hz = 10Exp0 Hz, DNA-resonance is assumed at 10Exp11 to 10Exp12 Hz, solar-radiation is in the middle of the 10Exp14 Hz band, frequencies higher than 10Exp25 Hz are ‘known’ as cosmic-rays, the Planck-frequency  is about 1.85x10Exp43 Hz].


·        Slight resonances were found above 10Exp50 Hz for frequencies up to 10Exp1000 Hz.

·         The distribution of recorded frequency types varied, one day much earth-related frequencies were recorded, the other day much more  cosmic-related resonance-frequencies were recorded. This indicates our strong connection with the earth and with the cosmos which behaves like a dynamic system as one whole.

·        Sometimes, during a measuring-series a dominant frequency-band appeared, as for example cosmic-electric waves/vortices at 10Exp37 to 10Exp38 Hz or more cosmic-magnetic waves/vortices at about 10Exp26 Hz. Does it seems these phenomena are special cosmic originated ‘events’ influencing the earth and mankind in particular on an informative-energetic level?

The overall data recorded per type of frequency showing that almost each frequency type did have its own specific spectrum with one or more pronounced peak(s).


·        Longitudinal (scalar) and transversal waves/vortices were overall found in about a 50/50 ratio.

·        Standing cosmic waves/vortices are a substantial part of the strongest resonance frequencies recorded.

·        From each person, a for him/her typical frequency-resonance-spectrum was found. For about 50% of the persons that spectrum shows that the most recorded strongest resonance frequencies were higher than 10Exp25 Hz, so clearly in the range that is traditionary indicated as “cosmic-rays”.

The frequency-resonance-spectrum underneath is a typical example showing the strongest resonance frequencies as sum of all types of frequencies considered in the project (excluded about ten frequency hits in the area above 10Exp50 Hz).


After the star-resonance announced in July, the project achievements on the frequency plane delivers again strong evidence for our cosmic-connection with the earth and the universe, just like already suggested by Georges Lakhovski in the years-thirty of the former century.

A book with complete report over the history of these “hobby-experiments” starting in spring 2004 and with more detailed results of this project up to the “blue-moon” event on December 31th 2009 is under preparation.


Peter J. Tummers        ARIES-Ethernity-Foundation            January 20,  2010









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