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The ancient Lime tree at Heede, Emsland, Germany


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The ancient Lime Tree


Around the year 842AD the little tree sprouted from the seed.

At that time the ancient Goddess religion was still in the area.

Either Liudger, or Wiho or even Bonifatius were still "Christianizing"

the village, but without much success.

In 1467AD the bishop build the Scharpenburg castle to force the area

to follow his rules.

At that time the Lime tree must have been already immense.

The castle was build around it.

With the castle as headquarters they ruled out the Notgottes or Noodgods religion

which was still much related to the original Goddess religion.

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The Lime tree has its own place in the village.

Families come walking around it, touching it.

The powerfield around the tree is so strong,

that ley lines were almost not measurable during our visit.


Three members of the Group asked the tree spirit

how old the tree is and they all three independently

got a consistent answer, 1165 years old, 842AD.

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Below the wide branches the 14.7 energies are very strong.

These energies indicate the presence of other dimensions.


We did not find: 3.9 lower level entities.

But 13.0 energies, which mean a higher level entity, is strong.

People from the village tell that the tree spirit is very active,

answering to the needs of the loacal people.

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Overwhelmed by the tree


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Having contact with the tree


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Looking for energies, emanations, forces, ley lines


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Enormous roots


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The tree is listening and allowing to be approached.


Contact with this ancient living being is very blessing, very ancient.

When Robert asked why the Tree Spirit was still there,

a beautiful vision of the ancient times around 842AD come into view.

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Very probably the entrance to the tree area was also the entrance of the cas


The tree was already ancient when the castle was built around it.

After the breaking down of the castle, the tree lived on for now already 500 years.

It is sure, that the tree has had a big influence on the village.

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The tree is a blessing tree.

After asking permission to be with the tree,

the tree makes contact with a blessing feeling.

"An arm around" was the description of three members of the Group.


We also visited the village Heede,

where 105 apparitions of the Goddess have been.


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