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On this page we present you one of

the very holy places of the goddess,

 where the original religion was

very much Christianized,

but where the athmosphere of the goddess is visibly present.


Kevelaer is the place where the goddess is remembered

by the veneration of the holy picture card.


Hundreds of thousands of believers are visiting

during the year the little chapel where

the holy picture card is situated.

Next to the chapel is the church of candles and the big cathedral.


Elsewhere in the village are more ancient places,

but the attention of the pilgrims

is mostly focused on the little chapel with the Picture Card.


During the summertime people are kneeling

outside the chapel to pray to the goddess.

 Since the visit of pope John Paul the Great

the Roman Catholic church is pushing

a standard (although beautiful) prayer for the pilgrims,

but the spontanity of the believers

is the very heart of this place.


Inside the chapel the believers are walking

around the standard for the holy picture card

and have a look very nearby.

Emperors and kings have given jewelry

to honor this place, but in the midst of it all

is the simple card bought by two homeless people

who saw the goddess on this place.

The card was all they could afford,

but the thousands of pilgrims were coming

to pray already from the first moment.


The Ley Line Group conferring where to measure energies:



The Ley Line Group drawing conclusions about the results of the day:



Some pictures with some comments:


The chapel where the holy picture card is being kept.

Many symbols are visible in and around this chapel,

geometrical patterns, DNA-like shapes,

but also 8.2 and 7.6 cm energy lines.


The cathedral, where only one centered energy line is measurable.

The conclusion could be, that the cathedral is "out of the way".


On this side the chapel is normally opened in the summertime,

to make the holy picture card visible from the outside.

The church of candles is at the left behind the chapel.


To give an example of the many visible and

unvisible energies and spirits in Kevelaer,

this picture is made with a clean camera and without rain,

 and a non shaking hand.



In this corner of a very ancient church in Kevelaer

Robert met an ancient spirit who claimed to be a human sacrifice

 of the former temple of the goddess at this same place:

In this very ancient church the energies and

emotions felt by the group of sensitive people were immense.


This kind of symbols are everywhere in Kevelaer.

Very probable these type of symbols are indicating gateways

to other dimensions or vortexes of energy lines.


Download a spirit place wall paper of Kevelaer

at the Spirit Place page.


All pictures made by Robert.

Copyright of these pictures ©2004 Robert

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ancient christianity

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